About Us

What's LA MAFIA?... Or who?

We're quality over quantity lovers. Since day one, our mission has been to advocate the best local restaurants of our island and enrich our culinary industry by providing a sincere and delicious opportunities to those who love food.

Who gets to be in the curated list?

Culinary concepts can’t be evaluated in the same way due to numerous facts but we mainly focus on flavors, food management, service and ambience.

Now, we can’t expect for a food truck to give us a fine dinning service experience, but we look forward to an amicable exchange with the employees when we (and others) make our order. 

We understand if the kiosk in Piñones give us our $3 alcapurria wrapped around a cheap paper napkin while we wait under the tropical sun, but what if a highly decorated and exclusive restaurant does the same thing for $7.99 while taking my order using an iPad?

What if the cozy neighbourhood pizza spot has an amazing service and neat ambience but uses cheap ingredients from a wholesale supermarket? Well… Does the pizza tastes good and we want some more? Are the kids happy?

While you reflect on each of our points of views, you should always ask yourself: Is it fair?

For us, quality shouldn’t flexible but it’s more than flavor, price and origins of each ingredient.

Everyone has an opportunity to be part of our list but it’s up to them to create a great impression every time anyone visit.